ESPC Dollars Per Capita Map

Race to the Top -- To see the amount of Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contracting (GESPC) investments in state and local buildings in particular states, roll your curser arrow over the state you are interested in. If the state is in green, you can click for more information. The amounts listed are only estimates and do not reflect precise or comprehensive project investments in the entire state in most cases. The information does provide a useful trend line over time on the level of ESPC activity. States with missing data are encouraged to contact ESC at to have your data added or updated.

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Accelerating Energy Savings Performance Contracting

In partnership with states across the country, ESC is promoting best practices in the operation of statewide Energy Savings Performance Contracting programs. ESC and its partners have identified those policies and approaches that innovative states have used to accelerate the implementation of energy efficiency projects in state facilities, schools, and other institutional buildings. For more information on the program and our recommended 10 Key Attributes, click here.